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ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Janet Jackson – ‘UnBreakable’

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Janet Jackson – ‘UnBreakable’

It’s been nearly 30 years since Janet Jackson established Control. With that 1986 album, and follow-ups Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814(1989) and janet. (1993), Michael Jackson’s kid sister not only forged her own creative identity, but also eventually surpassed her brother as a commercial and cultural force.

If Janet lacked Michael’s dizzying gifts as a singer and musical visionary, the songs she crafted with longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis proved similarly vital; and the confidence she exuded influenced a generation of female pop and R&B artists — and the young women and girls listening.

With Unbreakable, Jackson, already a proven survivor — of both her family’s well-publicized struggles and decades of changing trends in pop music and culture — gives us no reason to doubt that people will keep watching, and listening.


October 1st, 2015

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