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COMPETITION: Album Giveaway, Floacist – ‘Floetry Rebirth’

COMPETITION: Album Giveaway, Floacist – ‘Floetry Rebirth’

So here’s the thing, Natalie ‘Floacist’ Stewart dropped by BANG Radio towers last Thursday for a real real nice chat. You can listen back HERE. She also left me some goodies in the form of her NEW album ‘Floetry Rebirth’. It is a fantastic album without a shadow of a doubt. Natalie is keeping the Floetry flame alive!

As an idea, and this is the first time I have ever presented a competition in this way. I thought I’d do an online competition as well as a radio competition and give away 4 albums; which by the way the online competition will be this Thursday 28th Feb 2013 from 7pm on BANG Radio.

So 2 albums online and another on 2 Thursday 28th Feb 2013 – from 7pm

Here’s the question:
What was the name of the track that Floetry wrote for Michael Jackson [rip]?

Please post your answers on the comments section below.

The 2 winners will be revealed on Thursday night during my R&B show aka Soul-D-Out.


February 25th, 2013



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  3. Lorna Fergus says:

    Answer: Butterflies

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