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LOST GEM: Blackstreet – ‘U Blow My Mind’

LOST GEM: Blackstreet – ‘U Blow My Mind’

Blackstreet is the self-titled debut studio album from American R&B group Blackstreet, released in 1994 on Interscope Records. The group was formed after the dissolution of Teddy Riley’s former group Guy. The other members of Blackstreet- Chauncey Hannibal, Joseph Stonestreet and Levi Little- were session singers on Bobby Brown’s third album Bobby, an album that was mostly produced by Riley. They recorded one song for the soundtrack of the Chris Rock film CB4 called “Baby Be Mine”. Before they could record an album, Stonestreet left the group and was replaced by former Force One Network singer Dave Hollister. When they re-recorded “Baby Be Mine” for their self-titled debut, Hollister’s vocals were added on the album version of the song.

U Blow My Mind was on this debut album;


March 31st, 2013

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