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NEW ARTIST: Ashleigh Ashley – ‘Criminal Angel’ & Tour 2015

NEW ARTIST: Ashleigh Ashley – ‘Criminal Angel’ & Tour 2015

Criminal Angel Served Two Ways…

Ashleigh Ashley about to embark on one of the biggest musical journeys of her life so far –Criminal Angel Tour 2015!! And to celebrate she’s marking the occasion with a NEW Music Video of the same name – click below to check it out!


You guys are invited to join Ashleigh Ashley on an adventure through 4 different countries – from sea side to mountain top – to crowds in their hundreds under blue skies to dark intimate pockets in the heart of the city!!  This shit just got REAL!  

Follow her progress, joys and tribulations on InstagramFacebook &Twitter.  And of course she’ll be updating you face to face with her weekly VLOG (more on that below)

Keep up to date with all things Ashleigh Ashley as she explores the ins and outs of being an Independent Artist in London!


June 12th, 2015

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