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Some excellent new music from London Alternative/Acoustic Soul singer and musician Midé titled “Mainstream”

The last some of us will have heard from British Alternative/Acoustic Soul singer, songwriter and musician MIDÉ was on last year’s City Lights EP which went on to critical acclaim amidst support from SoulCulture, SBTV and Fame Magazine among several UK tastemakers. Midé returns with a brand new music video for his forthcoming new single “Mainstream” which is due to be released on May 27 along with an excellent new EP of the same name.

Directed by Charlie Locke and featuring cameo appearances from the likes of MOBO Award nominee Faith Child, emerging London singer Shanteh Fuller and renowned Gospel DJ DJ MRI, the “Mainstream” music video is a simplistic black and white visual affair which allows the actual record and the message behind “Mainstream” to take centre stage…

And does it just? Take the centre stage is exactly what Midé’s “Mainstream” does, with its poignant message and full band sound driven by acoustic guitars along with lush drum patterns, exquisite bass guitar and Rhodes piano arrangements – all arranged and composed by Midé himself and co-produced by Jonathan Owuse-Yianomah, who is signed to Cobalt/Universal.


May 14th, 2013

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