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NEW MUSIC: Mark Asari ft Giggs – ‘Good One’

NEW MUSIC: Mark Asari ft Giggs – ‘Good One’

When something works, it works – there’s no need to mess with it.

Mark Asari clearly grasps this, with new single ‘Good One’ veering between vintage soul, cutting edge pop and even a bit of rap.

Lingering around the scene for a while, Giggs came across ‘Good One’ earlier this year and knew, pun intended, that he was onto a good thing: “As soon as I heard it I thought I’ve got to fuck with this track. When something is a banger it’s a banger and I didn’t want to miss out…”

Mark explains the track’s gestation: “I was at Greatness Jones’ house one day and he played me the beat and it instantly caught me – starting with a classic soul grove and then the drums kick in giving it that hip-hop edge. I took the beat home and I came up with some melodies which resulted in ‘Good One’. I left a space for a rapper because I felt someone could help to take it to the next level. Through mutual friends I reached out to Giggs and thankfully he was up for jumping on it. The song is basically about wanting the perfect girl as we’re now approaching winter.”

All all-star collaboration and complete pop belter, ‘Good One’ is positively overflowing with energy from the start.

Check it out now.


October 30th, 2015

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