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NEW MUSIC: Tyrese – ‘Shame’, Black Rose

NEW MUSIC: Tyrese – ‘Shame’, Black Rose

In April, Tyrese released the stirring ballad “Shame,” featuring Jennifer Hudson, off the upcoming short film of the same name. It’s a Denzel Washington-produced, cinematic musical accompaniment to the single and Tyrese’s double album, Black Rose, dropping later this year.

Presented by Tyrese’s label Voltron Recordz, Tyrese is cast in the 23-minute film as an “up-and-coming musician in 1968, on tour and with the means to climb the top of the charts. He’s got all the right moves and things to say, but a mean streak and nasty substance abusive personality.” Hudson will play his wife, “A woman, whose strength and experience keeps her grounded despite her husband’s shortcomings and infidelity,” a press release states. The trailer shows just that: Ty’s character’s demons plagues his behavior, as he becomes abusive towards his wife, Hudson’s character.

Tyrese said Black Rose will be his last solo album, the follow-up to 2011’s Open Invitation. He told The Breakfast Club earlier this year, “I just think the music game is really different…I just feel like a double album with a documentary a book- my first audio book, and a movie I just did starring myself and Jennifer Hudson, which is a short musical film, 23 minutes, directed by Paul Hunter, I just feel like I need to give the fans enough content as I gracefully bow out of music. I’m still going to sing, but it’s my last solo album.”


July 28th, 2015

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