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NEWS: Floetry Homecoming Concert, Brixton Electric

NEWS: Floetry Homecoming Concert, Brixton Electric

It was both an honour, and an utter pleasure, to be present for one of the UK’s most highly anticipated gigs,’ says Omar Leon

WHEN THINKING of the atmosphere at Floetry’s second night in London at the iconic Brixton venue Electric on Monday (Dec 14), it can only be described in the same way as the venue itself: – absolutely electric!

From the minute the British duo – comprised of Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart – graced the stage, the atmosphere had reached such a height that all were raring to go, as all waited patiently and excitedly for the UK Neo-Soul legends to be announced.

Firstly however, it would be wrong of me not to mention the amazing quality of the homegrown talent that came in the form of the opening acts, starting with the captivating east London-born spoken word artist M.Artz, backed by vocalists Demi Ma and JJSoulx, followed by Dora Martin – London-based duo formed by Cherri Voncelle and Jermaine Riley.

floetryBoth of these tremendous acts contributed massively to bringing such a high level of energy prior to the start of Floetry’s performance. Such an unparalleled calibre of diversity and general musicality is not always easy to find, but the opening acts were breathtaking in their own right, as the audience members clearly showed. All were genuinely taken by the pure energy and show person-ship of each act, which really was a sight to behold, particularly because it showcased the sheer quality of the UK music scene amongst the genres of Neo-Soul/Spoken Word/R&B.

As the crowd were in the comedown from the musical amazement that had come in the form of previous performers, all grew yet more excited as the time neared 9pm and Floetry were due to begin.

There was a high level of excitement in the air, as audience members buzzed with anticipation. Then began the proud introduction of the UK’s very own, the South London originated duo themselves, respectively known as The Floacist and The Songstress, but collectively known as the timeless, genre-busting duo Floetry.

From the first notes being played by the band, which implemented the well-known ITV News theme, to the entrance of the first song, the audience was alert and ready. There was a unique sense of unity and tranquility that had spread rapidly around the venue, as all were swaying, waving hands, and moving every limb as cameras and camera phones rapidly emerged to video this amazing performance by the long-missed powerful duo.

THE FLOACIST: Natalie Stewart

The chemistry that Floetry bring to the stage is absolutely second to none, and it was clear for all to see, that this unity, this lifelong musical bond that had been forged more than fifteen years ago by the duo, was yet but another one-of-a-kind aspect that made this performance so enthralling.

There is a sense of selflessness about the way in which Floetry work together, as the night heavily revolved around this ethic of sharing the stage. This ethic was present throughout the night, particularly when the Floacist or the Songstress performed solo material from their own respective individual ventures.

Furthermore, special guests of the night, UK vocalist Daley, and UK Dancehall artist Stylo G, were both given an unprecedented level of their own unique stage space, as Daley collaborated amazingly with the Songstress, and Stylo G collaborated amazingly with the Floacist, each leaving their own mark upon an evening that just got better with each passing minute.


THE SONGSTRESS: Marsha Ambrosius

The band for the night provided what can only be described as rhythmic perfection, as they all shone ever so brightly, utilising their incomparable talents on their respective instruments; Drums: Josh ‘McNasty’ McKenzie, Bass: Joey Grant, Guitar: Mike Brown, Keyboards: Gavin Holigan, Keyboards/Musical Director: Luke Smith. The way in which the band played, complimented and lifted the evening to another level.

It was both an honour, and an utter pleasure, to be present for one of the UK’s most highly anticipated gigs of the decade and of the year, as Floetry showed one and all what the music industry has been missing.

In a night packed with self-empowerment, unity, love, passion, and energy in its rawest form, these are but a few of the ways in which one can describe the sheer beauty of an evening spent in the presence of these amazing musical queens.

[All photos by Rod Leon]



December 16th, 2015

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