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NEWS: Teedra Moses – ‘Cognac & Conversations’

NEWS: Teedra Moses – ‘Cognac & Conversations’

Teedra Moses is one of the most transparent artists out there! She is clear about her purpose, her journey, and the message behind her music as she gears up to release her new album, Cognac & Conversation. She sat down with us to talk about her inspirational journey, her goals for the future, and the new music she’s planning to release later this summer!

Teedra Moses was “always around music”. Her mother was a Gospel music singer. The father of her children was a rapper. However, Teedra took the circuitous route on her path to becoming an R&B singer. “I didn’t (always) know what my calling was. I was an assistant to my best friend, stylist Nonja McKenzie. Then, a freak accident happened. I broke my femur bone while I was walking down a hill. I broke up with my children’s father… and I knew I needed to make some changes and find what I was really passionate about. Because at that time, I was more passionate about helping my friends than I was about what I was meant to do”.

Her energy is light but her journey has been very complex. Teedra started her music career with TVT records, releasing her first album Complex Simplicity in 2004. The music was solid and creative, but business wasn’t necessarily booming at that time. She explains, “The music just wasn’t going as quickly as it needed to. So, I made mixtapes, and my mixtapes helped build my fanbase”. She began making a name in the underground R&B scene, lauded as ‘The Lioness’ – appropriately titled given her pure yet powerful vocal stylings.

Now, as she embarks on her sophomore album, Cognac & Conversation, she is feeling positively about her new business connection with Shanachie Records. Though her sophomore album will be coming to us ten years after her initial debut, Teedra Moses explains:

“Time is relative… if you can look at time how God looks at it. I don’t profess to know everything, but because of my story, I have a familiarity to all this. Now, I’m clear on what I want to do with the talent I have. I’m clear on the vision. When we are searching in our heart and our soul, God gives us answers. We may not know that we’re searching… but there is always an answer there for us when we are”.

The inspiration for her new project, Cognac & Conversation, came from her complex journey. She told Heed Magazine:

“I wrote Complex Simplicity at a very interesting time in my life. I was beaten down by what life sent me. I was a young mother. I felt like a failure in my relationship with my children’s father. My mom passed away, and I was overcoming that through music. After Complex Simplicity, I figured there was nowhere to go but up. I was very optimistic. But the Universe had more lessons for me to learn. I had a lot of arrogance back then and I had to go through some things to help ground me. So, Cognac & Conversations is the result of me going through what happens when you throw yourself into a new relationship and that doesn’t work. What happens when you have a deal, and then it breaks, and you have to make it work financially? These things made me discouraged and fearful, and I had to maneuver through it…

But I’m grown now! I can look back and say this worked, that didn’t, but I have no regrets and I truly know where all my blessings come from. I’m being honest about what I want and where I want to go…”

And where does Teedra Moses want to go?

In a moment of transparency, Teedra opened up about balancing her private life and her R&B career. “I do very well on my own (relationship-wise), and music is great but I learned that I need more…” For Teedra Moses, ‘more’ includes a loving, fulfilling, romantic relationship. “I’m working on my communication. I can be so clear with my art, but in real life, it is harder to communicate sometimes. I have a harder time balancing my romantic relationships because when things don’t go right I can overindulge in music. You know, we’re all looking for that feeling…”

In terms of her career, Teedra Moses is looking to continue delivering powerful vocals, well-written music, and growing toward a broader audience. It is no secret that Teedra Moses has acquired a large underground music following, and while she expressed her gratitude, she hopes to engage music listeners & appreciators on a large scale: “ I don’t want to stay underground forever. I just want an opportunity to be heard and I didn’t acknowledge that before. Now, I understand my power, and I truly have optimism”.

As our conversation came to a close, we talked about her personal and professional growth through her years as an R&B artist. “There is (optimism) when you rely on circumstances to make you happy… and then there is the kind (of optimism) where you know everything will be okay, no matter what happens”. Teedra Moses is experiencing a lot more of the latter these days!

You can engage with Teedra Moses through her InstaGram page @teedramoses or on Twitter @Teedramoses. Social media has opened up new avenues for her to reach her fan base, and engage with newer audience, as “there is no separation between (her), and the people that like (her) music”. Be on the lookout for Cognac & Conversation, slated for release on August 7th and check out her new single, Get it Right, available THIS WEEK FOR FREE on iTunes!


August 15th, 2015

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