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REVIEW: R. Kelly – ‘Black Panties’

REVIEW: R. Kelly – ‘Black Panties’

What happened to ‘Love Letters’ & ‘Write Me Back’, ‘Step In The Name’, Sparkle Soundtrack’ and ‘Happy People’?

I have long been of the opinion that Robert Kelly is a musical genius however, genius’ do have a dark side it is said. After hearing ‘Cookie’ he has ruined by love of Oreos with the extra stuff! sigh!


I recently ready the following article, and it’s great journalism that says all that needs to be said about ‘Black Panties’.
We hate to pile on, but pile on we shall. R. Kelly blew it. After getting a quiet reprieve from a number of those who avowed never to listen to another R. Kelly record again and then reneged upon hearing the recent glories that are Write Me Back and Love Letter, Kelly has gone and reminded all of us why we swore never to listen again in the first place. Black Panties is an affront to all Kelly had accomplished from a re-branding and image makeover perspective; it’s as if he’d gone off his meds and the long dormant egotist had come roaring back to give everyone a defiant middle finger and remind us all of every sordid, disgusting allegation. The culprit is an entire album that is ode to the vagina, literally, and far from a pretty homage (certainly not as pretty as its inspirational source). – Read more at: SOULTRACKS


January 3rd, 2014

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